Value added Add-On-Courses for engineering students from IGNOU.

Indira Gandhi National Open University commonly known as IGNOU is a Central Government Institution under MHRD. It is operating within the boundary of our country  and also in some overseas countries through its Regional Centres and Learner Support Centres  . A large number of academic programmes are on offer for various categories of learners of our country which are mainly professional and skilled development programmes .In our state, the Regional Centre is located in Bhubaneswar and there are 79 active learner centres established mostly in Govt. Institutions to provide support services to the learners. IGNOU admits students twice a year i.e. January and July. For July 2020 Admission Cycle, the admission advertisement has already been released and admissions for all programmes will take place online. Since your Engineering College is one of the prestigious Engineering Colleges of our state offering many branches of engineering and technology and a good number of budding engineers are building their career through your institution, IGNOU wants to provide them an opportunity to take an Add-on-course concurrently with their engineering programme. Some of the programmes which will be of interest of the engineering students are as under:

1)      Advanced Certificate in Information Security(ACISE)

2)      Certificate in Environmental Studies(CES)

3)      Certificate in Business Skills(CBS)

4)      Certificate in Information Technology(CIT)

5)      Certificate in Communication & IT Skills(CCITSK)

6)      Certificate in Fashion Design(CFDE)

7)      Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution(CCPD)

8)      Certificate in Energy Technology and Management(CETM)


Admission Template July 2020

Final Admission Brochure

Common Prospectus July 20